When will I see the design?
You will receive a pencil version of your design the evening before your appointment.
I kindly request that you don't chase for this prior to your appointment.

Can I make changes to the design?
As I work digitally (mostly) you may make reasonable adjustments to your design. Please be upfront and honest if there is something you do not like about your design; a tattoo is forever!

Complete change of design may lead to loss of appointment and deposit.

Can I change the placement?
If you'd like to change the placement of your design please let me know as soon as possible, howeverm this may lead to loss of appointment should the piece be designed with that placement in mind. 

Why is the design an outline only?
I do not send a full version of my design as this is often decided on the morning of the appointment. Please look at my portfolio if you are unsure of how your tattoo might look.